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Bristol Bay Alaska is home to the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the World, some 30 to 40 million salmon push for the headwaters of their spawning grounds each year.  Bristol Bay fishery is certified Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and the number of spawning salmon are monitored by a team of Alaskan State Biologists. To ensure Sustainability the number of salmon that travel past the fishing grounds on there way to spawn are carefully monitored and escapement goals must be met each year before fishing can begin. Other fish caught in the nets, or “by catch “are not allowed. All five species of salmon are caught each year, Sockeye, Chum, Coho, Pinks, and Chinook, Sockeye is the most abundant.



Kaleb Walker has a passion for the outdoors. He moved to Colorado in 2006 to be a hunting guide after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management at Western Carolina University. In addition to working as a hunting guide, he was a Commercial fisherman on the “Sound and Fury” for Captain Robert Lebovic for five seasons in Bristol Bay Alaska. Bristol Bay spawning season starts in June and ends in August, Drift Net Fishing is done from a 32’ foot boat with a 200 yard 15 foot deep net. All the salmon are hand-picked from the net and held in slush ice. The Salmon are then delivered to a tender boat minimally processed and flash frozen, ensuring the freshest product possible. During that time  Kaleb would bring his seasons catch to Colorado and provide customers with premium seafood at the locals farmers Markets. Today Kaleb and his fellow fishermen provide customers both residential and commercial with a variety of more than 25 seafood items via Farmers Markets, Events, and deliveries to your door throughout the state of Colorado. Kaleb strives to educate his customers and takes great pride in providing them with only the best quality premium seafood.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Earns New Responsible

Fisheries Management Certification

Wild Alaskan Halibut Joins Alaskan

Salmon in Responsible Fisheries

Management Certification

Eating fish high in omega 3’s has many health benefits including, heart health, decreased inflammation, improved vision and brain function. You may be eating enough salmon, however it is the quality of the salmon you buy that will have the positive health impacts you desire. The Salmon brought to you by Kaleb’s Katch is Sustainable Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, that spent a life time in its natural environment consuming a natural diet which gives them their rich organic flavor and color.

Pacific Halibut are caught almost everywhere in the Gulf of Alaska. No nets or trawls are used when fishing for halibut, eliminating “by catch” by using long lines baited with hooks every few yards. This dramatically
reduces contact with marine birds and mammals. Fish are retrieved one line at a time so that other species of fish can be unhooked and returned to the sea. Kalebs Katch is committed to bringing you Sustainable Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood at competitive prices.



Farm raised salmon on the other hand are fed the by product of other fishing industries, it takes 3lbs of fish to create enough feed for 1lb of farm raised salmon. Due to this unnatural diet these fish have a strange grey color that is covered up by the use of canthaxanthin a pigment that mimic’s the bright color of Sustainable Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon. Do to over crowding farm raised salmon are fed anti-biotics, and have been found to have high levels of parasites, PCBS and other contaminants. Human consumption of these toxins have been linked to many diseases as well as anti-biotic resistant related problems.

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The Five major river systems in Bristol Bay are facing habitat degradation. The proposed Pebble Mine Project is sited to cross the headwaters of the Nushagak and Kvichak rivers. Check out the environmental documentary 'Red Gold' at your local library. This documentary will open your heart and mind to Bristol Bay's amazing ecosystem and abundant sustainable fishery. Support Bristol Bay by eating more Sustainably Caught Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.


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